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High Security Locks

Have you heard of "lock bumping?" It's a simple technique for opening 90% of the locks used on homes and many businesses today. It takes a special key...but directions for making one can be found online and are quite simple. With one of these keys, all it takes is a little "bump" to unlock the door.

Here's Why You Should Consider High Security Locks

High security locks are the solution

high-security-locks-are-a-safer-alternativeHigh security locks have a different style of key that cannot be "bumped" to open. They are a much safer alternative.

High security locks can't be "bumped." They're a little more expensive, but these security door locks will keep the bad guys from bumping their way into your home or business.

High Security Locks - The Modern Security Answer

Security door locks are the next step in the evolution of security. Your grandparents had "skeleton key" locks which were very insecure. The standard locks we've used for the last 50 years worked well for their time. Now the latest high security door locks are becoming the standard.

An Andrews Lock and Key locksmith will be happy to show you how these new high security locks will keep you safe. Just like standard locks, our locksmiths can key them so that you only need one key to open any door in your home, or put a master key system in place for your business or office.

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I lost my keys in the salt river having a good time with friends last weekend which must happen often because there were 3 locksmiths patrolling the parking lot. I flagged down the first 2 which were both incredibly rude and expensive so I tried my luck with Andrew. He was polite and very energetic and for the perfect price he had me back on the road with a new key in about 10 minutes. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a fast, cheap, and polite lock job.

Justin K of Phoenix, via YelpOriginally posted on yelp