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Lock Replacement

andrewslockandkeylockreplacement Your locks keep your home, business, property, and family safe and secure. And they do wear out. Is it time for a lock replacement? Call us.

Some reasons to replace lock:

Your lock is sticking or difficult to open - or to secure

Malfunctioning locks are an invitation for criminals. A person with a key should be able to pass by a locked door quickly and easily if they suspect they are in danger. And the door should be easy to secure in seconds. If not, replace lock.

You have too many keys - perhaps multiple keys for one door

Nothing is worse than carrying a two pound key ring and having to fumble through large numbers of keys to find the right one. Having different keys for deadbolts and passage locks exacerbates the situation.
Andrews Lock and Key can do a complete lock replacement or a rekeying to make all the locks open with just one key. For commercial buildings, we can provide a master key that opens everything and still retain separate keys for multiple locks to limit access to certain employees.

Your building has changed hands and you don't know who has a key

If you're leasing a commercial space or your home or building has changed ownership, there's no way of knowing who has keys. Andrews Lock and Key lock replacement or rekeying service can make your space secure again with new keys and tighter control of who has one.

An employee has been fired

Terminated employees are often the source of security lapses. If you've had some turnover, it only makes sense that you secure your workplace with lock replacement or rekeying by Andrews Lock and Key.

You purchased a foreclosed home

If you purchase a home that has been foreclosed upon, chances are a locksmith has been there and changed the lock. The major financial institutions rekey all foreclosed homes to one or two standard keys for ease of access. This means that the key to your new home will likely open hundreds of other homes...and a thief with a small set of keys can access your home quickly and easily.

Rekeying or lock replacement by Andrews Lock and Key can make your home or office secure again. Call us at 480-437-4022.

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I called Andrew to change the locks at my job,  he was there within a half hour and did a great job.  I will for sure use him in the future and recommend him to anyone that needs a honest,  great working person to change their locks.

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