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Tempe, AZ automotive Locksmith Ignition Replace

So earlier this week we got a call to make a key for a 78 Chevy pick up. The customer was looking for a locksmith in Tempe and asked if we were an automotive locksmith in Tempe, AZ. We let her know Andrews Lock and Key can handle any of her locksmith in Tempe, AZ needs.
We arrived on site and the customer said she had tried several locksmiths in Tempe and even had one come out but that guy ended up being a scammer and tried to get her to pay him $800 to replace the ignition. Of course she told him no and he took off. The truck was parked on the side of the road with a trailer hooked up. The customer was very upfront and let us know the truck belonged to her mother and that the person driving the vehicle was taken in to police custody, along with the only set of keys to the truck. Which is why she needed an experienced locksmith in Tempe, AZ to come out and take a look.
She was able to show us the registration with her mothers info on it as well as her mothers ID and her own ID. The last names matched and they shared an address. Situations like this are usually a judgement call. You have to assess whether or not you think the person you are dealing with is telling you the truth. Luckily for the customers her mother pulled up right then and so the judgment call was avoided. The mother also explained that she had been looking at other locksmiths in Tempe and that they couldn't give her a price quote.
We let her know how much it was going to be, she agreed, and we got to work swapping the ignition. The job went fairly smoothly even though it looked like someone tried to steal the truck previously. We pointed out to the customer before we got far in to the job that the column on the truck had been damaged. The customer was already aware of the damage but we always make it a point to try and show these things to the customer before we do any work.
This serves multiple purposes, one is to cover our own back from being accused of damaging anything, and secondly and probably more importantly we want to give the customer the option to decline the work if it is going to cost more or if it will affect any warranties. We finished up the ignition swap and got on our way. The customer was very grateful we were able to complete the work for the quoted price and that we were on site so quickly.
Below this post you will see a fairly extensive collection of pictures from this job. They highlight some of the key steps and tools you would need if you were going to try and tackle this job on your own.


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I lost my keys in the salt river having a good time with friends last weekend which must happen often because there were 3 locksmiths patrolling the parking lot. I flagged down the first 2 which were both incredibly rude and expensive so I tried my luck with Andrew. He was polite and very energetic and for the perfect price he had me back on the road with a new key in about 10 minutes. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a fast, cheap, and polite lock job.

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