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So about two weeks ago I got sent out on a re-key for a customer who just had his home burglarized. I got to the house and the customer was a younger guy that just moved from the east coast to Arizona to go to ASU. His girl friend broke up with him after they got out here and he was left with nothing. It was really clear just by the look on this guys face he was burnt out. The re-key was pretty quick, it was only one lock. I ended up spending almost 2 hours at the house talking to him about security measures he could take, the laxed gun laws in AZ, some good sources for fire arm education, and some pointers on how to properly secure his house.

He showed me how the burglars got in. He didn't close his back door all the way. He was in a hurry, didn't slide it closed all of the way, and so it was left unlocked and open. Right as I grabbed my phone to call Andrew he was already calling me. He had been speaking to the property owner about installing a charley bar. For those of you that don't know what that is, it is a bar that installs on to the sliding door that stops it from opening. It sits about mid door and has a locking pin that keeps the bar secure when it is in the down position. The customer also had his spare car key stolen and was worried about the thief's coming back in the night to take his car so I recommended buying a wheel club.

It was a pretty good feeling helping this kid out. Part of me felt really bad for him. When I was a kid someone broke in to my childhood home and made off with a ton of my moms jewelry as well as my music collection and stereo. I remember how my family and I felt that day and wanted to try and make this guy feel a little better if I could..


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