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My first trophy...

Today we got a call to go and re-key a house close to the shop. This is kind of my first taste of locksmithing. I have hung around the shop and Andrew has shown me a few things but this is my first time working at a customer’s house. Andrews said it was pretty standard residential rekey. We had about 6 locks to re-key for the home owner. It went pretty well until the end. Andrews tackled most of the house but I did a few of the locks. I got everything off the house pretty ok, got my locks shimmed and rekeyed, started putting the locks back on the house, and that’s when things stopped going smoothly. The last lock on one of the back doors gave me a hard time and me being me thought I just needed to use more force to get the deadbolt back on the house..... I was wrong. The tail piece on a deadbolt is made to go only one way and I had it going the wrong way. The difficulty I was having was me wedging the tailpiece the wrong way in to the lock. So after getting schooled by Andrew I had to run to the shop and pick up a new lock because we used all the new locks we stocked on other doors in the house. Came back, shimmed and rekeyed the new deadbolt and put it on the door. The customer was happy and I got a "trophy" from my first broken lock. So the lesson from all of this: don’t force the lock and pay attention to details. Thanks for reading everyone.

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Super happy with the work and the extra effort

5-starsout of 5 stars

I just bought this Miata recently and I couldn't lock the doors.  I pulled out my door lock cylinder (because I know Miata's quite well), brought the cylinder back and they made me two more keys based off of my door lock cylinder and gave me the necessary information so I could have more keys made in the future if need be. Now I have two good keys that work in both of the doors and the ignition and the trunk. I'm super happy with the work performed and the extra effort that was extended for beyond what I've seen from any locksmith in the past.

Thanks again definitely an honest business here, will come back!

Brandon C. of Mesa, via YelpOriginally posted on yelp