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     So today I had a job that came in as a re-key. It wasn't until I was on my way that Andrew told me the constable was there waiting for me. In my head I was hoping it would go better than the first eviction/lockout that I went to. I got on site, greeted the Realtor and constable, and got to work on picking the lock. A few seconds later the person being evicted said something through the door.


     The constable talked to her for a while and she opened the door. When she opened the door I stepped off to the side so I wasn't in the way. I discussed the job with the Realtor a little and killed some time while the constable and other police officers on site talked to the tenant. After a few minutes the Realtor asked the police if I could get started and they said sure.


     I walked up stairs and started taking the locks off the condo. One of the knobs was really old, worn out, and barely working. The deadbolt was in good working order. I let the Realtor know she needed a new knob, I quoted her the price, and she said to get it done. I ran back to the truck, re-keyed everything, and headed back.


     The new knob didn't fit in the door so I had to take the drill and open up the holes a little. After some persuasion on the door with a drill and no visible signs I drilled on the door I got the new knob installed. This job took way longer than it should have, mostly because I was having to dodge police and fire dept. personnel the entire time. The tenant ended up being very mentally disturbed. I don't want to go in to a lot of details but she definitely needed some help and the police and counselors on site were super nice and patient with this lady.


     I was really impressed with how sensitive the police handled everything including trying to get me in and out of there as fast as possible. I was just standing in the back trying to stay out of their way and they were pretty cool about me doing my work. Although it took a while and I had to drill on the door the job went pretty smoothly. An experienced locksmith would probably laugh at this story but to me is was pretty interesting. But everything seems pretty interesting when you're new to this.

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When I pulled up to a club to perform with my band one night, I got out and immediately locked my instruments inside my truck. Running late and in a panic I saw "Andrews lock and Key" van sitting there. I ran over and told him what happened and as soon as I did he just looked at me like... no problem. And he meant it! Instantly I was perfectly at ease. He asked me what kind of vehicle I had, walked over to it, and was in my vehicle in less than 5 seconds. Didnt make me feel like an idiot, was a very nice guy!!

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