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Keyless Entry Access & Security Cameras

Being a member of Professional Associated Locksmiths of Arizona (PAL) and the Society Of Professional Locksmiths (SOPL) we are always ready and able to assist other Phoenix area locksmiths with larger jobs. For the past couple of years Andrews Lock and Key has worked hand-in-hand with Jim of Copperstate Lock and Security. Recently we completed a job together in North Phoenix at a gym that had just moved from the other side of town, cleaning up the mess of a security system installer that vanished before finishing the job. 

After we were able to survey the property and understand where the problem was, we started working on rewiring the control panel and configuring the computers to work properly. This was no easy task as we soon found out that the equiptment was not fully supported anymore and the computers the owner has the software running on was corrupted.

Understanding the importance of having a fully functional and risk free keyless access system and security cameras working correctly the owner placed an order for a new computer to install the access management software on and we worked on factory resetting the computer which held the security camera software. 

Once everything was back up and running we gave the company's management a brief tutorial on how to use the system and left them with what they originally had before moving locations. 

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