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Jammed Door needing a 24 hour Mesa Locksmith

            So we were right about to wrap up for the night and go home when Andrew got a call. Being a 24 hour locksmith in Mesa we get calls at random hours. The customer had locked them selves out of a bed room and needed us to come help them. The complex was massive and it took us a while to find their unit but we found it. When we walked in the customers explained to us that they had been trying to open the door them selves and think they might have damaged it more.

            Andrew and I took a look and it looked like a crime scene. They had kitchen utensils all over the floor, the door jam and door were all chewed up, and there was debris all over the place. It looked like they had been ripping in to this thing for hours. I tried picking it but it felt really awkward. Andrew stepped in and figured out right away it was a quick change lock similar to kwikset but from another company.

           We let the girls know we would have to drill the lock, they agreed, so I ran to the truck and grabbed everything we needed to drill the lock. After we got it drilled the door still wouldn't open. The entire lock was off the door, just an opening where you could see the back of the latch. We tried picking up on the door, pushing on it firmly in different spots, anything we could think of to try and open this door and it wouldn't budge. Upon further examination of the door we were able to figure out that the girls had actually split the door jam and that the latch was probably getting wedged in the jam and not allowing the door to open.

           Andrew was afraid of damaging the door jam further and informed the customers of the situation. They asked us to just get to door open any way we could. Andrew and I gave a pretty healthy shove on the door and it opened. The customer was very upset that they broke their door but were grateful that we were able to get them in. Andrew recommended a good contractor to come out and repair the damage, we put a new lock on the door at the customers request and we were on our way. The moral of this post is to never use to much force. If you locked your self out just call a locksmith. It is almost always cheaper and less stressful in the long run.

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