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I met a scammer locksmith today

So today was kind of an irritating day but very informative. From day to day I basicly just disassemble and reassemble locks as well as rekey them and work on picking the locks. I am getting pretty decent at rebuilding residential locks but picking them is another story. I still haven’t been able to pick locks as fast as Andrew, if I am even able to pick them at all. He keeps telling me it will come and I know he has been doing this a lot longer than me but I still beat my self up about not picking locks very well.

So today I am in the van at the shop working on a few locks and a colleague of Andrew's showed up to the shop. We will call him Mark for anonymities sake. He was kind of stand offish toward me but he and Andrew started talking about locksmithing stuff. I didn’t pay super close attention; I mostly wanted to finish building these locks and start trying to pick them. After a few minutes they both came outside and we all started chatting about different jobs we all had been on and seen. Mostly Andrew and "Mark" were chatting; I was mostly just nodding, agreeing, and laughing when appropriate.  After a few minutes I realized "Mark" didn’t really have a lot of experience locksmithing, barely more than me.

Andrew was talking to him about working for the scammers and how they did things. After a few more minutes "Mark" got a call he had to run on. He bragged about how he was going to scam a few hundred dollars out of this little old lady and then took off. After he left and seeing how pissed off I appeared Andrew sat me down and filled me in on who this kid was and why he brought him around. Basically this kid was interested in becoming a locksmith, found an ad saying he could make over $100k a year as a locksmith and went in. They gave him a phone, some tools, and a stocked truck and said good luck.

So in all actuality he didn’t really have much more experience than I did. Andrew was trying to pick his brain to figure out how the scammers have such a high call volume and also wants to try and help "Mark" learn this industry the right way... like he has been showing me. I was still pretty mad but it made a lot more sense to me now. On the one hand this guy has no more experience than I do and is making a lot more money than I am right now. The downfall is that he has no real respect for the trade and doesn’t know how to take care of the customers. I guess the old saying "slow and steady wins the race" is something I will have to remember.


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