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How Not to Install a Commercial Door Closer

So we got a call from Pomegranate Cafe in Phoenix to rekey the property. But once we showed up and started to get to work, we noticed as well as were told by employees that the door closer was not operating. The front door had the ability to swing complete open in both directions causing it to smash against a planter on the outside of the restaurant and a cabinet just inside the door. 

We quickly rekeyed the locks and told the owner that we would have to come back to fix the door after we got a new closer. The next day when we arrived we had no idea what we were in for. After we pulled the door down to start the work we found that the last person to service the door really did a number on it. There was a drill bit broken off inside the upper mount, a screw placed through center of the mount to hold it in place, and a bunch more damage. 

After a little work we were able to tap a new groove into the upper mount once we pried the drill bit out. We properly mounted the closer and tighten bolts that were barely held in place. After we were done we had to notch out the lock hinge a little more and the door was just like new again.

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