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So one of the biggest problems locksmiths face day to day is having to compete with the hundreds of locksmith scammers that are out there. You might have heard of them but what are they? When you google locksmith you will be flooded with results claiming $15-$20 service calls. You think that sounds like a good deal so you call them up.

When they answer the phone they typically greet you by saying "locksmith" and when they are pressed to provide a legitimate company name they fall short and are unable to do that. They tell you over the phone that it is $15-$20 for the service call, then $50 for the first hour of labor "on up" or "at minimum". Say you called them because you were locked out of your house.

Any legitimate locksmith is going to try and pick the lock first. They are going to try your door to figure out if both locks are locked or just one. When a scammer arrives they are going to give you a higher price and tell you that they need to drill the lock right away. If the technician that arrives goes right for the drill with out trying to pick the lock then you need to decline the work and ask him to leave. When you call a legitimate locksmith they should greet you with the company name or give you the company name right away when asked.

They should be able to give you a fairly accurate price quote over the phone. When they arrive they should greet you and ask about your problem right away. They should try and assess the situation before beginning any work. If the quote they gave you over the phone needs to change for any reason up or down in price they should tell you before starting any work. These are the signs you're dealing with a true professional locksmith. Please save our number in your phone and give us a call any time, day or night, and we will be there to assist in any way possible.

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Fast High Security Key for Broken Car Key

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I had the best experience with Andrews Lock and Key! I broke the car key to my car, and he ordered me a new set instantly. The keys came in no time and he had them ready for me the day they arrived in the mail. I would absolutely recommend anyone in need of a trustworthy and affordable locksmith to Andrews Lock and Key :)

Note from Owner:

Thanks Lily. We specialize in high-security Keys for import cars and American cars.

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