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So on Tuesday of this week I got a call to do a re-key out in the Arcadia district. Andrew offered to go with me but I was insistent that I do this one on my own. I have been trying to do more calls on my own lately and I had been successful on all of the jobs I had done on my own. Until this one. The dead bolts were straight forward but the door knobs weren't. I took one off and it had this weird piece on the back that kept the lock cylinder from coming out of the housing.
I called Andrew and sent him a few pictures of the lock to try and figure out how to get the knob apart. He walked me through a few different things but nothing worked, the lock wouldn't come apart. He finally said he wouldn't need to take the knob apart to re-key the lock and left it at that. It didn't take me long to figure out that I had enough room to remove the tail piece and slide a plug follower in to the cylinder. Then the next problem.
I repined the lock but because I was second guessing my self the lock just felt funny to me. At this point I start to feel pretty dehydrated and of course I forgot to stop and get some water on my way to the job. So I try and push forward but nothing seems to work for me. I cant get a simple dead bolt reinstalled and I cant get a key to move freely in one of the locks. At this point Andrew calls me and asks for an update. Needless to say I was not doing as well as I or he had hoped and I was no where near as far a long with job as I needed to be.
Andrew ended up having to come to the job and help me finish. I had no confidence in anything I had done and thought I was doing something wrong the entire time. After Andrew got on the job site and double checked everything I did he let me know everything I had done was right. So why did I think I made all of those mistakes? Lack of confidence and dehydration are my guesses. I need to learn to trust the training I have received as well as make sure I have water with me at every job. The Arizona sun is no joke and will quickly make you lose your head.

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I love the Wed Ladies Day Extra Discount! Thanks Andrew for making the extra Keys for my roommates and changing the locks for us! You Rock!

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