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So last night we got a call from a friend of Andrews named Wyatt. He let us know that he was having some troubles with some keys he asked us to duplicate for his new house he just moved in to. At some point during the move he lost his keys to his truck as well, they could have been anywhere, so he just asked us to make a new one. When we got on the job site it was obvious Wyat and his fiance were exhausted so Andrew and I wanted to try and knock this job out quickly so they could get some sleep. We tried the keys in the doors and something was definitely off. The keys didn't work the screen door at all and they barely worked the front door locks. Andrew had me get started by pulling those residential locks and he started in on the truck. I pulled the locks and after I disassembled them it was obvious why they were not working properly. The locks on the door were worn and needed to be replaced and the locks on the screen door were keyed to a totally different key than the front door. So I rekeyed the screen door locks first and then got started on the front door knob. It came apart kind of strangely and felt very cheap in my hand. After getting it apart it was obvious why it felt so cheap, the knob cylinder was plastic which you can see in the pictures below. We showed it to Wyatt and then showed him what an all metal lock looks and feels like. He was instantly sold and had us replace the cheap plastic knob with a kwikset knob. Everything went back together just fine and this residential locksmith job was wrapped up.


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Wow This is a great company. I locked my key's in my car - and I had no idea how to get them out and I was running late. I saw a fb post about Andrew's Lock and Key and thought I will give them a try. Not only did Andrew himself show up ha ha ha. he gave me a discount because I was on FB - so that was really cool. I def recommend them! They were fast, affordable, and Andrew was a really cool guy!

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