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Big re-key needing a locksmith in Chandler.

     Today was a pretty slammed day. We got tons of calls from people needing a locksmith in Chandler. One of these jobs came from an associate of Andrews that owns another lock company in town. He needed us to go re-key a house in Chandler and take a look at a safe the customer lost the keys to. He was stuck on another job on the other side of town and needed this customer taken care of.

     Andrew sent me out on my own ahead of him to get some info on the safe and start the re-key. He planned on meeting up with me later. The customer was very nice and gave me the back story on the house. I guess her father owned it and recently passed away. He never told anyone where the keys were to the safe and the customer had no idea who all had keys to the house.

     So I took come pictures of the safe and sent them to Andrew. Then I walked the property getting a count on how many locks I needed to re-key. Total count was 17 locks. This was going to take me a while, even longer once I found out the customer didn't have keys to all of the locks. Of course the locks she didn't have keys for were the Schlage locks that require a key to get the lock cylinder out, or you have to pick them open and then take them out.

     After I started pulling locks I realized that some of the locks (two to be exact) were not the Schlage key way but were the Kwikset key way. The customer didn't want to replace any locks so I let her know she would have two different keys. She didn't have a problem with that so I went back to pulling locks. Luckily Andrews associate has a shop that was right around the corner so I was able to pull all of the locks and head in to his shop to work on getting them re-keyed. It makes life easier that is for sure.

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I misplaced my key - had to get my business opened on time - I called Andrew and he was at my place in less then 20 minutes. He re-keyed my lock, and I was able to open my business ontime. He gave me a FB discount as well as a Military Discount! Great Job! Professional. I recommend this company to everyone!

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