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Authorities say a local locksmith saved a childs life.

     As locksmiths we sometimes find our selves in interesting and potentially dangerous situations. One locksmith in Hall County, GA found him self in that situation. A mother tied her infant sons feet, hands, and mouth with packing tape and tossed him in the back seat on the floor board of her car. Why she did this is unclear.

     The car was at the end of a road by a lake. She said she didn't know the child was back there and that she had gone to the lake to sit and think. After realizing she locked her keys in the car she started going door to door in a near by neighborhood. She was asking to borrow a phone to call a locksmith.

     No one answered the door but one person did call a locksmith and 911 to report a suspicious person on the secluded road by the lake. The locksmith arrived before police to open the car. Authorities say he probably saved the child's life. After opening the car and reaching in to grab the keys the locksmith heard the child crying in the back seat.

     More details on this situation as well as the entire article are linked below. As locksmiths we rarely know what we are getting in to when we get a call. I have talked to several experienced locksmiths and they all say the same thing "You always get some amount of butterflies in your gut when you're heading to a job. That never changes.". After hearing that and reading this article I now understand better why I always get a little nervous before heading out to a job.

Source: http://www.usatoday.com/story/news/nation-now/toddler-bound-packing-tape-locked-car

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