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93 Toyota ignition

So we went on a job pretty late in the afternoon/early evening to replace the ignition on a 93 Toyota. The customer had called us a few days ago for a quote and Andrew explained over the phone that he might be able to repair the ignition but it might also need to be replaced. He gave the customer a price quote for both services. The customer called back today to have us come out and get her car back on the road.

After the customer explained to us that the ignition was completely locked Andrew got to work. He explained to me on the way to the job that those ignitions work on a split wafer design and sometimes one of the wafers will wedge it self on top of another stopping the ignition from being able to turn and that was probably what was going on. He also explained that if he could get the ignition to turn one last time he should be able to repair the ignition rather than replacing it. Potentially saving the customer a lot of money.

Andrew hopped in the car after talking with the customer and tried turning over the ignition. He spent a long while trying to get this ignition to turn, used several different tools and little tricks he has picked up over the years but it just wouldn't move. At that point he let the customer know that her old ignition was irreparable and that he would need to replace it. He gave her the price before starting any work, explained to her what he was going to have to do to the get the old ignition out, the customer agreed, so he grabbed a new ignition we had in stock and started rekeying it to the customers original key.

The customer was worried she might have another key to keep track of but Andrew reassured her that her original key would work and he would even make a few extra code cut keys back to the factory specifications. While Andrew was in the van working on the new ignition it got dark really fast. After he got the new ignition keyed we hurried to get the ignition in, tested it a few times, put everything back together and got on our way. The customer was stoked that we were able to get her back on the road and that we didn't charge her more than the prices Andrew originally quoted her over the phone.





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