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So a couple weeks ago we were at a church working on an Access Control Unit in Tempe. The job was going well for the past couple of days drilling through concrete and pulling wires through the walls to get everything wired up. We were installing a new strike on their second entry door of their office, which led into the chapel and preschool they had on campus as people had been passing by frequently dropping of children and touring the church and preschool. As we continued on with the install, one of the visitors of the church left, walked out to her car with the child she was providing care for, and moments later we found her running in full sprint back to the churches front door. She immediately pulled the door open as if someone was after her, but there was no child near. She screamed "Does anyone know how to unlock a car?" The staff in the office jumped to her comfort as we realized she had just locked the child in the vehicle. As we raced out to the parking lot it was a great relief to find the vehicle running and the child locked safely in the car seat in the back. This is when she informed us that after putting the child in the car seat and securing the seat belt, she shut the door to get into the driver seat, and the child had hit the lock button on the door before she could get in. Her car was parked directly next to the locksmith van and I easily retrieved my tool and opened the car for her. She was amazed at how fast she was back in the vehicle and the child was safe with in her inside the car also.

Now although this situation turned out to be a great one with the vehicle running, we have been hearing the local news air more and more stories of little ones and animals locked or left in hot vehicles. The last thing that we want to see is someones window being broken in order to get the child or animal out of the vehicle but when it comes to the heat and not being able to open the car this is the last resort. Andrews Lock and Key is proud to offer free lockout service to anyone in the valley who has a child locked inside the car. 

Also if you ever find yourself in need of any automotive, residential, or commercial locksmith work, including making car keys, opening safes, or rekeying your home or office give us a call at 480-437-4022.  

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When I pulled up to a club to perform with my band one night, I got out and immediately locked my instruments inside my truck. Running late and in a panic I saw "Andrews lock and Key" van sitting there. I ran over and told him what happened and as soon as I did he just looked at me like... no problem. And he meant it! Instantly I was perfectly at ease. He asked me what kind of vehicle I had, walked over to it, and was in my vehicle in less than 5 seconds. Didnt make me feel like an idiot, was a very nice guy!!

Todd S. from Gilbert, via YelpOriginally posted on yelp