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Safes - Safe Locksmith

You can't beat a safe for keeping your valuables secure. Today's safes are better than ever and much more affordable than before. Home delivery and safe delivery services. Safe openings by a professional locksmith who will use non-destructive methods first to access the safe. Experts in anchoring the safe in a home or office and making sure it will not damage any part of the structure or plumbing.


Safe Lock Repair

Andrews Lock and Key can help with any issue you have with your safe. Anything from breaking into one to moving it to a new location. Call us.

A safe lock is a complicated mechanism and sometime will require service. Andrews Lock and Key has a safe locksmith on staff to handle your safe lock repair.

Safe Locksmith Experts

We've had a lot of experience working with many different types of safes. From a "wild west" era safe with poison-gas capsules to modern high-security models with multiple interlock systems, we've done just about everything.

Of course, we can do the more mundane safe work, too, like installations, relocating your current one to another location, "cracking" open a safe with a forgotten combination, or configuring a newer high-tech lock system. Our safe locksmith can also handle any safe lock repair you have.

Safe Lock Opening

Andrew has been successfully opening commercial and residential high security safes and fireboxes for the last 16 years. We service commercial safes, digital keypads, safe dials, safe doors. American Security, Sentry Safe, Brown Safe, Hamilton Safe, Liberty Safe, and any other safe manufacturer. If you lost your key to your safe door won't open, Andrew will do everything he can to use non-destructive methods to access the safe. That being said not all safes and fireboxes are accessed without damage rendering the safe unusable but we will forewarn in any chase before destroying the safe for you to gain access to your valuables. 

Safe Movers

When you are moving and have a safe, it't best to call a local experienced locksmith like Andrews Lock and Key and have us make the transfer for you. We are experts in selling and installing safes let us be the expert when it comes time to move it. We have the proper equipment to demount the safe and properly anchor it at your new home or office making sure to take proper care before drilling for anchor mount holes to ensure the buildings foundation and structural workings. 

If you need an expert safe locksmith, call Andrews Lock and Key at 480-437-4022.

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I love the Wed Ladies Day Extra Discount! Thanks Andrew for making the extra Keys for my roommates and changing the locks for us! You Rock!

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