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Rekey Locks

andrewslockandkeyrekeying Andrews Lock and Key can rekey your locks so one key will open all your doors. Alternatively, we can provide you with a Master Key system.

New home? Rekey locks immediately!

Many of the large financial institutions immediately rekey locks on the properties they handle. It makes it easier for realtors, service people and others who need to gain access to their properties if they are all on a master key. But it means that anyone with a master key can get into your new home. Since these master keys have been the same one's they've used for years, imagine who might have possession of a key that will open your front door!

One key to open every door

Andrews Lock and Key can rekey locks so that one key will open them all. Imagine having just one key to open the front door, back door, deadbolts, and every passage lock in your home or business.

It will make your life so much easier and improve your security at the same time. You can finally stop carrying a different key for every door.

Having our locksmith rekey locks is less expensive than replacing locks and you get the same convenience. While we rekey locks, we tune up the locks, cleaning years of grime and replacing worn parts, making your locks work like new.

Master key system

A master key system is one where one "Master Key will open all the locks in your building, but individual keys only open specific locks.

For example, employees office door keys will open the front entrance door and their specific office, but no other offices. The Master Key allows you access to all offices.

Andrews Lock and Key can bring security and flexibility to your home or business with a master key system or a simple rekey for one key access. Call us at 480-437-4022.

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Locksmith Reviews & Testimonials

Super happy with the work and the extra effort

5-stars out of 5 stars

I just bought this Miata recently and I couldn't lock the doors.  I pulled out my door lock cylinder (because I know Miata's quite well), brought the cylinder back and they made me two more keys based off of my door lock cylinder and gave me the necessary information so I could have more keys made in the future if need be. Now I have two good keys that work in both of the doors and the ignition and the trunk. I'm super happy with the work performed and the extra effort that was extended for beyond what I've seen from any locksmith in the past.

Thanks again definitely an honest business here, will come back!

Brandon C. of Mesa, via YelpOriginally posted on yelp