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Keyless Lock - Electronic Lock - Smart Lock

Once, these high security lock systems were the fantasy locks that protected the prize in movie thrillers about stealing diamonds. Now, they're not that unusual.

The Difference Between a Keyless Lock, Electronic Lock and Smart Lock

All three are computerized systems that allow you to control who can open a lock. The method of control varies.

Keyless Lock

andrewslockandkeykeylessentrysystem A Keyless Lock is like a combination lock for your door. The combination can be easily changed and some devices can have multiple combinations.

Keyless Locks are electronic combination locks. To open the lock, you need to enter a sequence of numbers. Of course, the primary advantage of a keyless lock is that you no longer need to carry a key. This makes them ideal for homes with children who are forever losing things.

The disadvantage is that those same children may share the secret with a friend.  If you know about it, it's very easy to program a new combination.

Another advantage is that you can usually set a temporary code for use by service people who might need access when you're not home.

Electronic Lock

Access Control Until Keyless Entry Fob Mesa Locksmith Secuirty Card system Electronic Locks are very common in hotels because they easily reprogrammed. Key Fob systems are more popular in business systems.

If you've ever stayed in a hotel you've used an electronic lock.  Electronic Locks work by using sensors to read an access card or by passing a small "fob" near a sensor.

In a business setting, access control is the usual advantage. A business would program a particular fob to open certain locks, but not others. This allows you to control the access an employee has.

These systems have the advantage of tracking. You will be able to tell which fob or card opened which door and when.

Smart Lock

smart-lock-from-phoenix-locksmith Smart Locks are one part of "Home Automation." In the future you'll be able to control many parts of your home over the internet.

Smart Locks use an app on your smartphone or computer to control access. They are considered part of the "connected home" which will allow access to locks, thermostats, lights, even appliances from over the internet.

One advantage to a smart lock is you can open the door from anywhere you can connect to the internet - by phone or computer.


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